Veggie Exploration

Learning more about veggies helps build excitement and understanding. The providers we work with have explored the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) boxes in so many fun ways: 

1. Sink or Float? The kids at Angie's early care tested whether the box contents sink or float. It turns out collard greens can make a pretty great boat! 


2. Charts and color sorting: 

The kids at Danette's early care have found so many ways to describe and understand their boxes. 


3. Touch! 

The toddlers at Hallie Q. Brown touched and explored their box - interacting with the whole food is one great way to understand more about veggies! 


4. Play: 

Danette's early care currently has their play area set up as a mini 'farmer's market'. What a great opportunity to explore! 


5. Taste! 

Of course the best part of it all is eating!


How else do you explore and eat fresh and local veggies?