Our publications include reports, fact sheets, and how-to guides on a variety of issues that farms, food businesses, and rural entrepreneurs face as they start and grow their business. They are all publicly accessible and can be downloaded as a pdf.

Evaluation and Feasibility 

Small Grains in Minnesota: Assessing the Feasibility of Local Supply Chains     2018

   study assessing challenges and opportunities for Minnesota's small grain local supply chains

Exploring Supplier-Manufacturer Relationships in the Specialty Food Sector      2018

   paper examining how supplier-manufacturer relationships vary in the specialty food sector



Growing Regional Wealth     2013                         

report discussing financing of local food systems

Navigating Financial Resources     2016                        

resource list of books and websites


Farm Transitions

Accessory Dwelling Units to Support Farm Transitions     2014

report on ordinances covering secondary homes, or accessory dwelling units

Farm Transitions Toolkit     2013                                               

toolkit for farmers and landowners interested in transitioning their land to the next generation


"Beyond Fresh" Fact Sheets on Local Sourcing

Benefits     2015

fact sheet sharing the benefits to food manufacturers of sourcing directly from farms

Connections     2015

fact sheet of methods farmers and food manufactures use to meet and make deals

 Criteria     2015

fact sheet for farmers outlining the needs of small food manufacturers

Standards     2015

fact sheet for farmers explaining different standards and certifications that food manufacturers require

Value Added     2015

fact sheet for farmers exploring the pros and cons of making value added products in house


On-Farm Food Service

Come and Get It!      2nd edition updated 2019

toolkit for starting on-farm food service


Cottage Foods

Cottage Food Operator Assessment  

Findings from 2021 research conducted by University of Wisconsin-Stout 


FEAST! Local Foods Marketplace

FEAST! Local Foods Magazine Volume Two      2019

FEAST! Local Foods Magazine Volume One      2018

local foods magazine and marketplace event guide, containing profiles, recipes, and happenings in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin


Local Food

Local Food: Where to Find It, How to Buy It      2005

booklet for interested consumers on supporting rural communities through buying locally grown food

Marketing Local Food      2007

handbook for Minnesota farmers that explores options for marketing local food