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Healthy Local Food Exhibit

For over a decade, Renewing the Countryside and partners have curated a food-related, interactive educational exhibit at the Eco Experience - the award-winning sustainability expo which draws over 250,000 over the twelve days of the fair. This year's Healthy Local Food Exhibit's theme was Artisan Grains of MinnesotaWhen we think about local foods, we often think tomatoes, or apples, or eggs. Yet the one food group that graces almost every meal, and potentially can make the biggest impact on our landscape, is grain. Bread, pasta, granola, beer - all of these are grain-based foods. In this exhibit, we shared stories, from seed to loaf, of these delicious foods -- demonstrating their flavor, quality and nutrition -  while educating about their environmental services and economic benefits. Components of the exhibit included our kids activity area, three daily cooking demonstrations, and our local food sampling station.

Each year we rely on our wonderful volunteers. Thanks, volunteers!


2019 schedule

2019 Local Chef Cooking Demos

2019 Local Food Samplers


2019 Artisan Grains Exhibit

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The Healthy Local Food exhibit is made possible by our generous partners.