Some of our projects are cornerstones of our work, while others come and go as needed by the communities we serve. Generally the projects we undertake are to help rural communities with access to markets, efficiencies in operations and general profitability.

Currently, our projects focus on connecting and supporting stakeholders in our food and farming system.

renewing the countryside

farmland access hub 

Working along side of beginning farmers to secure land tenure. farmland access hub

farmers' market hub

Farmers' markets developing efficiencies for selling food to institutions. farmers market aggregation 

farm to school and childcare

Helping our youngest children to access fresh and local foods. farm to school and early childcare

women in agriculture 

Connecting and convening women in agriculture to learn from and support each other. women in agriculture

on farm food service 

Exploring ways to create new revenue streams on farms with serving food.  come and get it

farm transitions 

Assisting retiring farmers pass on their business through farm transitions

slow money minnesota / grow a farmer

Bringing urban and rural folks together to grow the local food and farming sectors in Minnesota. slow money minnesota


recent projects:

Renewing the Countryside provides resources for the following projects from the recent (and sometimes distant past.) If you would like to learn more about what we have done and what resources we can provide regarding the following topics, please reach-out! We would be happy to help!

Agritourism and GreenRoutes

Specialty Crop Enhancement Consulting

Farmer/Chef "Speed Dating" (networking)

Business Planning for Rural Main Street Businesses

Helping communities tell their stories through book publishing

We feel that our ability to be nimble and respond quickly to changing marketplace pressure serves all of us best, and we welcome any feedback regarding potential projects you feel would enhance your business, environment or place in the country.