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who is the farmland access hub 

The Farmland Access Hub is a consortium of partners including non-profits, government agencies, local companies, and private citizens dedicated to assisting beginning farmers with their quest for land tenure. By bringing together this large group we can make a greater impact on land tenure in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin by:

  • pooling resources and knowledge,
  • identify beginning farmers in need of assistance,
  • providing financial and technical resources,
  • to aid in a search for land tenure, and
  • search and discovery of suitable farmland.

the Farmland Access Navigators:

helping beginning farmers be better prepared to search for and acquire farmland tenure!

Knowing how to farm and having a foundational understanding of farm finances does not translate into a new farmer being able to find, afford and secure land. To address the farmland access challenges facing beginning farmers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. We offer services that assist new, resource-limited farmers in developing an access plan that includes:

  • clarifying goals,
  • identifying priorities for suitable farmland,
  • understanding available financing,
  • reviewing personal financial readiness, 
  • assessing technical and practical farming skills readiness,
  • understanding elements of good and equitable farmland leases,
  • reviewing the suitability of specific farms, and
  • providing specialized knowledge, expertise, and connections to professionals for further assistance.

These resources are offered as:

  • workshops,
  • webinars, and
  • one-on-one coaching with Farmland Access Navigators,
  • technical assistance from advisors

Our technical advisors include attorneys, real estate professionals, financial experts, and seasoned farmers.

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learn more about Farmland Access Navigators:


Hannah Breckbill, Decorah, IA

Amber Mohr, Avoca, IA

Monika Owczarski, Des Moines, IA

Joe Klingelhutz, Iowa City, IA


Aaron Blyth, Saint Paul, MN

Katie Kubovcik, Saint Paul, MN

Moses Momanyi, Cambridge, MN

Brett Olson, Zumbro Falls, MN

Xiong Thao, Falcon Heights, MN


Nicholas Leete, Madison, WI

Nou Thao, Madison, WI

Bonnie Warndahl, Colfax, WI


the farmland access hub is a partnership between:

Renewing the CountrysideCompeer FinancialThe Conservation FundDakota CountyFarmers’ Legal Action GroupThe Good AcreHmong American Farmers AssociationIroquois Valley FarmsLakewinds Food Co-opLand for GoodLand Stewardship Project, Sharing Our RootsMidwest Organic and Sustainable Education ServiceMinnesota Department of AgricultureMinnesota Farmers UnionMinnesota Food AssociationThe Food GroupMinnesota Institute for Sustainable AgriculturePractical Farmers of IowaSustainable Farming AssociationTwin Cities Community Agricultural Land TrustUniversity of Minnesota Extension

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While the Farmland Access Hub is not a listing place for farmland (please see resources page for some in IA, MN, and WI), we do find it helpful to hear about farmland that may not be showing up on those pages listed. Farmland Access Navigators do refer to the listings on the resource pages often, but we know there are many other places where suitable farms are listed.



For general information about this project, contact:
Jan Joannides
Renewing the Countryside
[email protected]



The Land Access Hub is supported by NIFA, USDA Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture