Sharing My Story Dec 2017: Annelie Livingston-Anderson

Good Turn Farm, WIIMG_5779.JPG


My husband Kevin and I run a small-scale vegetable farm in Stockholm, WI. This is our second full year of production & marketing as Good Turn Farm and we became certified organic for mixed vegetables, cut flowers, and mushrooms by Midwest Organic Services Association (MOSA) in July 2017.

Because we were paying for our organic certification in quarterly payments, we had to talk to someone at MOSA to find out what we were qualified to get reimbursed for at that period in time. The woman at MOSA was very helpful and encouraged us to give her contact information to our FSA office if there were any questions because MOSA really wants these cost-share reimbursements to go smoothly.




It turns out we were the first farm to submit an organic cost-share reimbursement application in our county through this new FSA program. Therefore it took a few minutes for the director to read through the details and find the right forms that she needed from me. She was happy to do so and it only took about ten minutes.


There ended up being about 3 forms I had to fill out that had to do with direct deposit information, farm ownership percentages, and the actual cost share reimbursement application which only took a few minutes. Our reimbursement was direct deposited about a month later! I’m sure we will go through FSA again next year and it will be even easier at that point because they will have some of those forms on file and will have had experience with the process.