Hey, Ranch is Delicious!

Do your kids just really love ranch? Try making your own! This recipe is an opportunity to use fresh dill, and is a great recipe for kids to help with.



The recipe calls for Greek yogurt, which is important to create a thick dip for veggies. Don’t have Greek yogurt (like me)? Strain regular yogurt with a coffee filter or paper towel-lined sieve. Let it drain over a bowl for a bit, tip the yogurt out of the towel or filter, and proceed with your thicker yogurt!

Little ones can rub the dill between their fingers, smell, and even taste it plain if they want to! Maybe you will get something more descriptive than “it smells pokey”.

The recipe calls for raw garlic, which can be a bit spicy for little eaters. Consider omitting or substituting a bit of granulated garlic instead if your kids are sensitive to spice.

Are you team hummus or team ranch? Either way, hope you are finding some delicious dips for summer veggies!