Past Events

2014 Events
March 27 Owatonna - Professional Development

June 12 Lamberton

June 19 Lanesboro
Around 30 women gathered for a conversation led by WFAN to discuss soil health and management. The discussions gave information on simple ways of testing your own soil, how to improve it, no-till methods and how to communicate any soil health building methods to renters. A tour of a local farm showed their soil health

June 20 Zumbro Falls
We toured two different farms to see how no-till methods were being enacted. Around 30 women connected and expressed their interest in continuing the Zumbro Falls women and agriculture group into the future.

July 16 Northfield
This workshop focused on gaining knowledge on working with renters. A presentation was led by Farmers’ Legal Action Group, Inc. to discuss contracts and leases and how a landowner is able to implement different farming practices into their leases. Further discussion was held to address specific questions held by landowners.

July 25 Zumbrota Focus Group

Aug 11 Stearns County - Professional Development

Aug 12 Zumbro Falls
We held a second meeting was held in Zumbro Falls at a landowners’ home to tour her land and enjoy a walk through her labyrinth! Women compiled different topics that they are interested in learning about at future meetings.


2015 Events

Oct. 14 Pemberton - workshop, lunch, and tour

Oct. 21 St. Charles

Oct. 22 Corcoran

May 14 Lanesboro - Farm Transition Primer for Women Farmers/Landowners Women.
A woman-to-woman introduction to some of the key issues behind a seamless transition of land from one generation to another.

May 20 Cold Spring - Soil Health

May 21 Melrose - Soil Health

May 22 Buffalo - Soil Health