Slow Money Profiles: Marian Moore

Marian Moore describes herself as a coach, consultant, facilitator and producer. Deeply rooted in principles of the Slow Money movement, Marian currently works as a leadership coach for philanthropic investors. In addition to coaching, she provides facilitation and event organization expertise to convenings of mission-driven investors.  In addition, her passion for music production, to which she devoted the first half of her career, singing and songwriting continues. Marian’s contribution organizing events and facilitating convenings has been integral as Slow Money Minnesota has established itself as an independent local group. With experience and connections beyond the local network, including past work alongside founder Woody Tasch and other minds behind the Slow Money movement, Marian has been a major foundation for Slow Money Minnesota's development.

Among Marian’s most prominent professional undertakings is the organization of Play BIG. In 2004, nearly a decade beforeimpact investing became an illustrious term, Marian Launched Play BIG along-side Carol Newell with the intention to inspire those with great wealth to further align their investments and philanthropy alongside their values. Play BIG has continued as an annualevent for individuals with significant discretionary wealth, facilitating reflection on personal goals and valuesin cohesion with the integration of money alongside personal mission.

Marian also recently organized the first Lead with Land, a convening designed for people of means who own  land, and have a strong land-based mission. Inspired by the success of Play BIG, Lead with Land seeks to facilitate learning, personal reflection and strategic planning with regard to reimagining the regenerative power of land.

Play BIG and Lead with Land are presented by RSF Social Finance, an organization for which Marian serves as a Senior Advisor. Based in San Francisco, RSF Social Finance is a pioneer in the world of impact investing offering investment, lending and giving services as a single organization. The non-profit financial service provider has made over $275 million in loans and $130 million in grants since 1984 with focus in the key issues of Food and Agriculture, education and the arts as well as ecological stewardship. Woody Tasch, Founder and Chairman of Slow Money, is quoted on RSF Social Finance’s website saying, “RSF shares our view that new financing vehicles are needed to restore soil fertility, healthy communities, and local food systems, so we look forward to more close collaboration to make that happen.”

Stretching beyond her social and environmental impact through the investment and philanthropic sectors, Marian continues to use music production to inspire and connect. Under her repertoire she has co-produced A Musical Tribute to the life of Bob Feldman at the Fitzgerlad Theatre, Minnesota Artists for Kerry at O’Shaugnenessy Auditorium, and Earth Day Concerts. In addition, Marian co-founded Concerts for the Environment and produced Women Who Cook Concerts including the Soviet Peace Tour.


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