Loving (and using) your leftover produce

Is your fridge full of half tomatoes, quartered peppers, and partial cucumbers? If so, you’re not alone. Try these kid-friendly ways to use up all that saran-wrapped produce tucked away in your fridge.

Fry baked or raw sweet potatoes in coconut oil for breakfast.  

This is a sweet, delicious addition to any breakfast. It pairs wonderfully with eggs. You’ll have to cook the potatoes a bit longer if you’re starting with raw potatoes. 

Roast your leftovers (any kind!) and toss them on top of salads or pasta. 

If you’re getting sick of any kind of veggie raw, roasting it with a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper ushers in totally new flavors and textures. 

Make wraps!

If you don’t have time to roast (and you’re not tired of raw vegetables) your leftover veggies, simply chop them up and eat them as a wrap or sandwich with hummus (or dressing of some kind) and greens! 

Add extra baked sweet potato, squash, or zucchini to cookies or pancakes.

There are tons of recipes for sweet potato, squash, and zucchini cookies and pancakes out there. Some are as simple as this sweet potato pancake recipe, just sweet potatoes and eggs! These sweet potato breakfast cookies have a few more ingredients, but they’re still delicious!


What’s your favorite way to enjoy leftovers with your kids?