Ranch, Take a Seat: Hummus is the Ultimate Raw Veggie Companion

My young cafeteria memories are peppered with the sound of banging trays, the difficulty of opening a cardboard milk carton, and of course, ranch. Ranch in packets, ranch in large bottles, ranch in little plastic cups. Whether it’s carrots, broccoli, cucumber, or any other raw vegetable, ranch seems to be the go-to condiment.

However, teaching children at such a young age to always associate ranch with raw vegetables misses an opportunity to introduce so many other delicious options. Sometimes, hopefully kids can learn to love raw veggies on their own for all their crunchy wonderfulness. Want something else to dip? Try hummus!

With lots of healthy fats, hummus is a great partner to raw vegetables (not to mention a fabulous addition to sandwiches). It’s easy to make, and if you have a blender or food processor, you can make it in bulk!


(Are you solidly Team Ranch? Stay tuned for a healthy take on Ranch coming soon!)