2017 - Healthy Local Food Exhibit: Organic

Why organic? Organic food has been making inroads onto the shelves of mainstream grocery stores and into the meals of consumers, but what does organic really mean, and how is it different from “natural” or conventional agriculture? This exhibit educated fairgoers on what they are choosing when they choose organic, and how this choice is important both to their health and for our food system.


2016 - Healthy Local Food Exhibit: Forever Green

Forever Green is an initiative at the University of Minnesota that works to supplement Minnesota's traditional "summer-annual" crops with perennials, which can come back for more than one season, and winter-annuals, which are planted in the fall and harvested in the spring. We worked with them to educate State Fair visitors about these "new foods" and alternative crops.

Forever Green Exhibit Display


2015 - Healthy Local Food Exhibit: AgriCULTURE

The goal of the AgriCULTURE exhibit was to educate State Fair goers on the impact immigrant and minority farmers have on food and farming in Minnesota. The exhibit explored how native cultures and immigrants, past and present, have played important roles in food production, economic growth, and expanding our palates.

AgriCULTURE Exhibit Display