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Heading to a Pizza Farm or Farm Dinner? Pack the coolers, produce bags and cash!

You can’t get more fresh than buying directly from the farmers who often harvest the morning before the tour gets underway. Because their farm stands are on site, farmers can better store the fresh produce for the event, guaranteeing that you have only the best quality and selection possible.

To safely transport produce and other farm products back home, bring along one or more coolers with ice blocks.  Ditto for some durable produce bags and small plastic bags, too, if you’d like to keep your rosemary separate from the beets.

Since farmers are not bankers, have plenty of cash on hand to purchase farm-fresh produce, eggs, cut flowers, fiber products or other finds.  Antiques, gift items, cookbooks and even t-shirts for the event might also be available.  If you’re flush with cash, ideally in smaller denominations (not a $100 bill), you’ll have no trouble stocking up.  You’re not in the big city so you may find that many farms are not set up to accept credit cards or personal checks.



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