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DreamAcres Farm • Wykoff, MN


The fields at DreamAcres farm are blooming with innovation! With their organic vegetable CSA, youth programs, performance art space and education center, Eva, Todd and Sons have made their off-the-grid homestead into a mecca for good food and culture. Situated in a beautiful basin about 35 miles from Rochester, the family relies solely on solar, animal and human power to run their home and livelihood. All summer long you can visit the farm for Pizza Night at DreamAcres. Each Friday evening you can buy organic, wood fired pizza with toppings fresh from the fields. Come for the food and stay for the entertainment! Most nights, after all the pizzas have all been served, you can take some theater or boogie at a dance in the Dream Theater barn! Make sure you check the DreamAcres calendar

To help manage their many programs, Eva and Todd founded the Dreameary Rural Arts Initiative, a non-profit organization. Eva, a founding member of the Looking Glass Theater in Chicago, is an active artist and brings her passion and expertise to a special summer programming at the farm. Flourish is a week-long summer camp for children, linking performing arts, dance, music, theater, puppetry and agriculture in a total immersion educational experience. Eva also coordinates master-class arts retreats, live theater and music performances in the DreamAcres Barn, which is set up as an art and performance space. They also host workshops on their farm, adding to the curriculum of local schools and colleges as well as teaching private courses. Timber framing, maple sugaring, blacksmithing, draft animals and solar energy are among the class offerings.

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