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farmland search

You are probably ready to begin the farmland search and skipped over the assets mapping - understandable! But, even here, there are more things to think about beyond opening a browser to a real estate search site and typing in a zip code. What kind of farmland are you looking for? Does it need a house? Does it need fencing, a water supply, how about a road? Then there are the questions about location. Near family, ready markets, or will you need a climate that you can grow or raise the farm products you have always dreamed about? And, lastly, what type of tenure will suit you best? Leasing, buying, maybe some kind of hybrid or partnership? These worksheets can help you gather your thoughts. Again if you desire any help... a Farmland Access Navigator can help!

necessary • desirable • optional

Features you "must have" and others that would "just be nice" for your future farm.


Where you would like to locate you new farm based on cost, community or geography.


types of tenure

Leasing, purchasing or possibly some kind of partnership - this diagram lays out some of the possible tenure structures you may wish to explore.