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2016's Chef Demonstration Schedule. Demos at 11am 1pm and 3pm daily!


Thursday, August 25th

Joe Williams, Day Block Brewing

Day block brewing is located in a historic building in the Mill City District of Minneapolis. A brewery and a pizzeria, the restaurant has pizza flavors as diverse as beer flavors. They source their ingredients from local farmers and producers, and take pride in cooking from scratch and by hand. Joe Williams, chef at Day Block Brewing, will be embracing our “Forever Green” theme and demonstrating how to use unique summer perennial farmed and foraged foods in familiar dishes.


Friday, August 26th

Yia Vang, Union Kitchen

Yia Vang is Hmong, and he cooks dishes inspired by traditional Hmong cuisine. He is the chef at, and found of, restaurant Union Kitchen, a new restaurant in St Paul that serves dishes that combine local traditions with those from back home. Union kitchen believes that in every meal there is an “unraveling of our solitude and the rewriting of our lives together”. Vang strives to cook from who he is, and share his self and his story in the dishes he makes. Vang will be cooking a Minnesota Hot Dish with a regional Hmong twist.


Saturday, August 27th

Christopher MacLeod, Luane Bread

Christopher MacLeod is the one man show behind Laune Bread, a subscription microbakery delivering bread by bike throughout Minneapolis. An accidental baker, Christopher’s bread journey began after discovering Brotzeit and the bread culture of Munich, Germany. MacLeod spent the past four years intensively working under bakers, and began Laune Bread in October. He bakes wholegrain-oriented sourdough bread using organic grains grown within 250 miles of Minneapolis, and he is all about minimal waste, and sharing knowledge. He will be showing us the process of making and shaping his sourdough bread.


Sunday, August 28th

Ross Logas, The Moral Omnivore

The Moral Omnivore is a small, family owned food truck based out of Minneapolis. It is committed to serving sustainably produced food while giving back to the community. All of its meat comes from local farms, and all of its produce is picked up at local markets each week. Ross Logas will be making Beet Crostinis with us using all locally sourced ingredients.


 Monday, August 29th

Frey Haile, Flamingo Cafe

Frewoini Haile, chef at Flamingo Restaurant, is a women activist, small business owner, community leader, and is from Eritrea. Her business partner, Shegitu Kebede, from Ethiopia, is the same. Their two homelands have been in conflict for the majority of the women’s lifetimes, but the two work together at Flamingo Cafe to make great food and work for peace. The Flamingo Restaurant is a destination for sophisticated East African Cuisine and famously warm hospitality.


 Tuesday, August 30th

Stephen Trojahn, Gastrotruck

Gastrotruck is on a mission to bring handcrafted modern Midwestern cuisine to Minnesota. Chef Stephen Trojan, owner of Gastrotruck, uses ingredients sourced from sustainable, environmentally responsible supplier partners to make awesome food that highlights Minnesota’s seasonally local products. Gastrotruck is all about respecting food and the environment it comes from. With more than 20 years of culinary experience throughout the United States, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico, we are excited to have Chef Stephen Trojahn join us at the State Fair.


 Wednesday, August 31st

 Emily Paul, The Good Acre

Emily believes people, places, and palates are uniting forces. She has a background in international relations and global affairs, but after her first set of careers, she moved on to food. After culinary school, Emily spent time on a food truck, in restaurant kitchens, and, most recently, directing a meals program for chronically homeless individuals in Washington DC. Emily is currently the Director of Kitchen Operations at The Good Acre, an organization with a mission to “enhance how food is grown and shared in the Twin Cities".  She curates and manages teaching kitchen programs, and will be showing us how to incorporate local, seasonal, Minnesota produce in every day meals.


Thursday, September 1st

 Marshall Paulsen, Birchwood Cafe

Chef Marshall Paulsen of the Birchwood Café grew up in St. Paul and began his restaurant career working as a busboy, waiter and bartender at the age of 15. He has been working at the Birchwood Café for the past nine years, making “Good Real Food” and creating relationships with local farmers in the area. Birchwood Café is all about seasonal, locally-grown, high quality foods, and Chef Marshall Paulsen helps to make that happen. He will be preparing tortillas from scratch using flour made from the perennial wheat Kernza, and sampling them with locally-sourced toppings.


Friday, September 2nd

Jennifer Monsos, Tansy's on Main

Jennifer Monsos is coming to us from Alma WI. Her restaurant, Tansey’s on Main, provides home delivered, farm to table meals that use organic and locally raised meats and produce. Her food is primarily gluten, grain, and refined sugar free, and she makes everything from scratch, with love and care. Jennifer Monsos will be cooking us a dish from an assortment of local, seasonal vegetables.


 Saturday, September 3rd

Jim Bonvino, Gyst Fermentation Bar

Jim Bovino is Director of Fermentation at GYST Fermentation Bar. GYST Fermentation Bar is a family owned, producer driven food business that specializes in cheese and all things fermented. GYST sources directly from family owned farms and creameries, and supports local and regional producers whenever possible. They offer all things fermented: artisanal cheese, craft beer, wine, cider, kombucha, fermented foods, pickles, salami, yogurt creations, chocolate, coffee, and other fermented specialties. Jim Bovino will be demonstrating the basic technique of lacto-fermentation of local, organic vegetables.


 Sunday, September 4th

Karl Gerstenberger, Seward Co-op

Karl Gerstenberger is a coop Meat Manager, and a Berkely CA trained local foods chef. He currently works at the Seward Coop, a 14,000 owner natural foods cooperative operating in three locations in South Minneapolis. Karl is looking to increase the economic viability of local meat, and will be demonstrating how to make Paillard and Carpaccio using Minnesota meats.


 Monday, September 5th

Ruhel Islam, Gandhi Mahal

Gandhi Mahal is a small local business centered around community, sustainability, and supporting the local economy. They have an aquaponics system in their basement, two bee hives on the roof, and source from local farmers. They are also making a conscious effort to reduce their waste and donate to local initiatives. Not only that, but they serve high quality, healthy Indian cuisine. Chef and Owner Ruhel Islam, will be demonstrating how to make Sag Bajee using locally sourced spinach, onions and garlic.

 All demos are scheduled for 11am, 1pm and 3pm each day.


Past years:






Thursday, August 27

Sen Yai Sen Lek

Naam Prik Ong

Joe Hatch-Surisook

Friday, August 28

Sioux Chef / Tatanka Truck

Cedar Maple Iced-T and Native Granola

Sean Sherman

Saturday, August 29

Sioux Chef / Tatanka Truck

Cedar Maple Iced-T and Native Granola

Sean Sherman

Sunday, August 30

Red Table Meats


Mike Phillips

Monday, August 31

Flamingo Cafe

Alicha and timtimo miser

Frey Haile

Tuesday, August 1

Breaking Bread Cafe

Local Fruit & Veggie Smoothies and Banana Berry Frozen Treats

Lachelle Cunningham

Wednesday, August 2

Rainbow Chinese Restaurant and Bar

Sweet Corn Rice Pudding

Tammy Wong

Thursday, August 3

Chin Dian Cafe

Pork and Chive Dumplings

Nina Wong

Friday, August 4

El Burrito Mercado

Tostones, Maduros and Roasted Jalapeno Salsa

Milissa Silva-Diaz

Saturday, August 5

Ghandi Mahal

Bangla Tilapia Ruhel Islam

Sunday, August 6

For the Love of Ghee Tangy and Spicy Chickpea Curry Shamim Rashid
Monday, September 7  Hmong American Farmers Association (HAFA) Hmong farming folklore and traiditional cuisine  Pakou Hang







Thursday, August 21

Whole Foods Market


Chef Ani

Friday, August 22

Whole Foods Market


Chef Ani

Saturday, August 23

Whole Foods Market


Chef Ani

Sunday, August 24

Whole Foods Market


Chef Ani

Monday, August 25




Tuesday, August 26

Birchwood Cafe


Chef Marshall Paulsen

Wednesday, August 27




Thursday, August 28

Whole Foods Market


Chef Ani

Friday, August 29

Whole Foods Market


Chef Ani

Saturday, August 30

Whole Foods Market

  Chef Ani

Sunday, August 31

Whole Foods Market   Chef Ani
Monday, September 1