community of a plate

A good plate of food is not nameless or faceless, rather, it is intimately linked to everyone involved from the table to the farm. A good plate of food comes from farms where the land and animals are treated well. It is tied to a living wage for farmers and farm workers. It builds community between friends and family, and between farmers and eaters. It is healthy, delicious, and satisfying—on multiple levels.

The Community of a Plate project illuminates, celebrates, and cultivates, the growth of a movement, a local foods movement—that is built around good plates of food. No longer are local foods exclusively the domain of white tablecloth restaurants and food connoisseurs. Local foods are showing up in school lunches and hospital cafeterias. They are debuting at weddings and finding their way back into church basement potlucks. From small town cafes to suburban food shelves, the Community of a Plate exhibit will take you on a journey through this exciting, expanding movement.