Books, Books, Books

Our state and our country are grappling with what it truly means to work toward justice, both collectively and individually. This has implications for every corner, and considering how we show up and what information we share. One small step to help think about so many things is books. Books provide a tangible way to have conversations about all sorts of things, and farm to early care is no different! 

If you are interested in expanding your library with more farm to early care books, the Food Trust has a Multicultural Collection of Farm to Early Care Books. Thinking about representation in food and farming books is one small way to start conversations. If you are interested in adult books, Food Corps has a book list with some great recommendations. 

Order your books from your local bookstore. If you don't know one, consider order from the amazing bookstore down the street from our offices, Moon Palace Books is shipping! 


What books have you read and loved?