The Home-Based Food Entrepreneur Virtual National Conference brought together cottage food business owners operating under their state’s cottage food law along with educators and leaders of the movement to help new entrepreneurs to launch and succeed.

While the live conference was April 6-9, 2021, all the speakers and live question and answer sessions were taped, so you don’t have to miss out.  There is a total of 9.5 hours of practical and timely content shared, including 4 keynote presentations, 12 workshops, and 16 taped live question and answer sessions.

The conference showcases and celebrates the economic impact of this budding entrepreneurial movement and the local food economy.  Listen to the amazing line-up of speakers and question & answer sessions with questions submitted by more than 900 attendees from across the country.

Get started with your dream of owning your own home-based cottage food business or take your business to the next level.  Listen to some of the leading cottage food operators, food activists, educators, and leaders in various organizations who are fighting for our freedom to earn, whether we're selling decorated cookies, artisanal chocolates, small-batch jams and jellies, hand-formed loaves of bread, cocoa bombs or numerous other "non-hazardous" cottage food products. This conference offers practical, actionable ideas and information from some of the leaders of the cottage food movement and from cottage food entrepreneurs who are running successful, and profitable, businesses from their home kitchens.

To set the stage, there are keynotes from the following acclaimed speakers:

Various workshops offer practical and inspiring information related to marketing and social media, structuring your business (i.e., operating as a sole proprietorship or forming an LLC), insurance, operating as a business (not a hobby), developing hot new products like cocoa bombs, managing your time, pricing your items, and cultivating happy customers. A workshop even addresses how you might use more local grains in your products and whether building a commercial kitchen in your home might be a possibility down the line.

Each taped session can be viewed via website access or a mobile app (free download) using the Gumroad platform.  Viewing the taped sessions on the Gumroad platform would be similar to watching a webinar on YouTube, but with NO Google ADS.  Depending on your Internet speed, there may be a brief pause when first watching the taped session to allow for video buffering.



Sign up to listen to all the keynotes, workshops and question and answer sessions on Gumroad, the conference archival hosting platform. Once you pay, the conference can be streamed and viewed instantly. The taped sessions from the entire conference are available for $23 and access is provided for up to three years from the time you first pay.