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Radio for discussing the growing, cooking, eating, and politics of your food.

You’ll love this show if you consider yourself a self-proclaimed gourmet, an undercover foodie, or someone who just likes to grow, cook, or eat your own food. We talk about what is going on with food and sustainability in Minnesota and across the country. Explore the greener side of the culinary world and hear directly from chefs, farmers, and national food policy makers. Discover how you can relish in the joys of good food.

FarmHero.png Eating Healthy at the Fair!
 National Spotlight: Scott Patterson; Equal Exchange
 What’s in the Pot & Outstanding in Their Field: Connie Karstens; Lamb Shoppe
 National Spotlight #2: Lindy Bannister; Wedge Co-op
 Health and Wellness: Jill McLaughlin; Healthful Elements

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