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Slow Money and Impact Investing Resources and Links:

MNvest is a Minnesota law permitting investment crowdfunding, a new way to fund Minnesota's growing businesses. Similar to reward-based crowdfunding sites (like Kickstarter), MNvest will enable Minnesota businesses to legally advertise investment opportunities to all Minnesota residents, providing for wider, cheaper, and faster access to seed funding for entrepreneurs via registered funding portals.

Ours To Own is a movement of individual investors committing as little as $20 in their communities, and earning returns. The organization crowd sources investments towards local small businesses to stimulate the success and diversity of our community. Through impact investing, stakeholders are able to flow money through the local economy and create opportunities for friends, family and fellow citizens. Ours To Own is driven by the belief that any big change is the result of many small actions. 


The Cooperative Principal serves as a facilitator for investors seeking to create or join investment clubs. Investment clubs, as legal entities, offer feasible alternative options beyond Wall Street for investors. As an organization, The Cooperative Principal provides start-up know how and on-going education to everyday people who come together to invest in a radically different, co-operative future.