family engagement

Early Care settings are unique in the importance of family engagement across so many domains. Meals and food are so important in our lives, both at home and in care settings. Many of the curriculum listed on our nutrition education page include handouts or ideas for involving families.

Are you a parent and looking for at-home ideas? Check out the bottom of the page for a few links - the curriculum and other resources on other pages can all be used at home as well! 

So many opportunities to engage families in this work. Try: 

  • Providing links to farm tours, online readings, or other simple interactive opportunities for families to reinforce what you discuss
  • Getting ideas from families or having them vote about what to grow in pots or a garden 
  • Offer taste tests during pick up times
  • Have an abundance of food from a garden or CSA? Offer extras to families

And so many more! 



For more resources on family engagement:

Family Engagement in Farm to ECE Webinar Recording from the National Farm to School Network

Engage Families with Farm to ECE handout from Rooted



Are you a parent? Looking to incorporate farm to early care concepts at home? Check out some of these options:

Cultivating Joy and Wonder: Sustainability through Nature, Food and Community 
274 page pdf, containing a lot of activities for child cares that can also be used at home.

Growing Minds Day by Day 
Weekly resources designed to be used by families or care settings. 

Big Green at Home
Monthly activities for families and educators. 

Renewing the Countryside's Farm to Early Care Blog
We try to highlight activities and resources that can support both early care providers and families at home.