family engagement

As a Parent, where do I start?

1. Incorporate local, healthy foods in meals and snacks.
    ▪ Create a positive environment
    ▪ Be a role model
    ▪ Start with small portions
    ▪ Positive reinforcement
    ▪ Keep offering new preparations of foods

2. Incorporate local food themes! Small twists on what you're already doing! Activities such as planting seeds in the garden. Making art with vegetables, learning about parts of plants, colors, and math with fruits and vegetables. Have fun and use existing resources!

3. Field Trips to farms!
    ▪ Visit Farms.
    ▪ Create a potted plant area or garden.
    ▪ Visit apple orchards or go berry picking.


For more resources on family engagement:

MI Farm to ECE Webinar Series: Engaging Families in Farm to ECE

Community Groundworks' Engage Families with Farm to ECE



For more resources on activities:

Cultivating Joy and Wonder: Sustainability through Nature, Food and Community 
274 page pdf, containing a lot of activities for child cares that can also be used at home.