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Renewing the Countryside is partnering with the Woman, Food and Agriculture Network, and numerous local partners, on expanding outreach and assistance to women farmland owners in the Mississippi River Watershed. This work includes providing information on best practices in conservation, as well as resources and assistance available to implement these practices on the land. It involves building local networks of women landowners who can support each other in their efforts.


Women Caring for the Land Workshops

We've partnered with the Women, Food and Agriculture Network (WFAN) to bring Women Caring for the Land workshops and trainings to Minnesota. These events focus on  improving conservation outreach to female farmland owners in Minnesota, either directly or through training agriculture and conservation professionals with resources to do so. 


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In 2016, we hosted three Women Caring for the Land Soil Health Workshops throughout the month of May. In 2015, we hosted a number of workshops focused on soil health and farm transitions for female landowners. See more of our Past Events.


Soil Sisters: Cultivating Women Leaders


This program supports the establishment of a vibrant, enduring network of rural women in southeast Minnesota committed to agriculture and conservation that will foster increased women’s leadership and representation.   

While women play an increasing role in launching and running farm operations and various conservation initiatives, women still lack representation and participation in leadership and decision-making roles, particularly in rural communities.  Research has shown that women learn and work best engaged with other women in a supportive, female-led environment.  This project champions this networking mindset by providing the framework and structure to connect such area rural women sharing these values and supporting the training and facilitation for an on-going, independent and self-led local network of women leaders advocating for conservation principles.

You can learn more about Soil Sisters here: http://soilsisters.wixsite.com/soilsisters