Renewing the Countryside Series

Our first book, Renewing the Countryside Minnesota, tells the stories of 43 Minnesotans who are protecting the environment and promoting their rural communities through innovative businesses, living practices, or community projects. Published in 2002, this book served as the foundation of our organization and the model for several books to follow.

Information on our other state-focused books in the series will be available shortly.

Renewing the Countryside Wisconsin

Through engaging stories, Renewing the Countryside—Wisconsin explores how the state is leading the nation in sustainably grown food, environmentally responsible businesses, and home-grown, forward-looking answers to today’s rural economy.

Renewing the Countryside Iowa

Renewing the Countryside Iowa honors those who have found a way to make a living in the countryside while supporting their communities and protecting the environment. Traverse these pages and meet everyday heroes and twenty-first-century pioneers who are bringing new life to small towns from Spirit Lake to Wapello, from Shenandoah to Decorah.

Renewing the Countryside North Dakota

Coming soon

Renewing the Countryside Youth

Smart, young people are returning to the roots of American Agriculture—roots steeped in a tradition and culture of diversity, quality and respect for the Earth. Full of brilliant color photographs, Youth Renewing the Countryside shares remarkable stories of young people in each state changing the world through rural renewal. Produced by Renewing the Countryside in partnership with young writers and photographers across the country and with support from SARE and the Center for Rural Strategies.

Renewing the Countryside A New Plateau

Coming soon

Renewing the Countryside Washington

Coming soon

Values of Agrarian Landscapes Across Europe and North America

Most people know agrarian landscapes by what they produce whether it's the corn and soybeans of the American Midwest or the olives of the Mediterranean. But agrarian landscapes are vital in countless other ways, and as the world's farmland continues to shrink, these values can no longer be taken for granted. Values of Agrarian Landscapes Across Europe and North America calls attention to the crucial roles that farmland plays in a variety of regions. For instance, we discover the role of farmland in a region's cultural heritage, along with its job of maintaining biodiversity and preserving a beautiful, undeveloped landscape.

The Minnesota Homegrown Cookbook, 2008, revised 2014

The Minnesota Homegrown Cookbook celebrates the best of our state with 100 local recipes from the state's finest restaurants, cafés, and bed and breakfasts, using incredibly fresh ingredients from regional farmers, markets, and organic producers. Restaurant profiles will tempt those who want adventures on the road as well as in the kitchen—you'll find yourself planning a trip to taste these inspired dishes.

The Minnesota Homegrown Cookbook is beautifully illustrated with full-color, full-page photographs of the finished dishes, the ingredients, Minnesota landscapes, and the chefs and producers themselves. Originally printed in 2008, the 2014 revised edition has been updated with 30% new material and restaurant information.

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