local food sampling station

2017 Sampling Schedule

2017 Date Time Sampler Sample
Thursday 8/24 9am - 12pm Taking Stock Foods Organic bone broths
  1pm - 5pm Bootlegger Brewing Kombucha Hearty Woodsman Ginger Kombucha, Whopper Watermelon Kombucha, Lookout Lemon Berry Kombucha
Friday 8/25 9am - 12pm The Good Acre and Big River Farms Organic produce
  1pm - 5pm Whole Grain Milling Company Organic chips
Saturday 8/26 9am - 12pm St. Croix Valley CSA/Urban Graze Cherry tomatoes, lunchbox peppers
  1pm - 5pm Organic Farmers of Canon River Organic produce
Sunday 8/27 9am - 12pm Organic Valley Organic dairy
  1pm - 5pm Organic Valley Organic dairy
Monday 8/28 9am - 12pm Gray Duck Chai Organic chai
Tuesday 8/29 9am - 12pm Blue Fruit Farm Certified organic fruit jams and jellies
  1pm - 5pm Isadore nut company Organic nut mixes
Wednesday 8/30 9am - 12pm Mademoiselle Miel Honey bon-bons
  1pm - 5pm Creature Comfort Hot Sauce Hot Sauce
Thursday 8/31 9am - 12pm Deannes Kombucha Organic kombucha
  1pm - 5pm Crapola Granola Organic granola
Friday 9/1 9am - 12pm The Farm of Minnesota Organic grass feed beef into jerky
  1pm - 5pm The Farm of Minnesota Organic produce
Saturday 9/2 9am - 12pm Gustola Granola Granola with organic oats and local maple syrup
  1pm - 5pm Urban Roots  
Sunday 9/3 1pm - 5pm Gardenaire Organic shrubs(drinking vinegars) and syrups
Monday 9/4 9am - 12pm Wild Fruits Farm Organic apple slices












 2016 Sampling Schedule

2016 Date Time Sampler Sample
 Thursday 8/25  9am-1pm  Tantalizing Taste

 Thai Peanut Sauce, Sweet Chili Sauce & Umami Sauce served over white rice

 Friday 8/26  9am-1pm     Gray Duck Chai  Our Nine Spice Blend of chai mixed with Lemonade and our Burnt Sugar-Ginger Blend mixed with milk. Both will be served cold.
 Saturday 8/27  9am-1pm  Product of Nature - A Think  Mint Brand  Micro-greens on crackers
 Sunday 8/28  9am-1pm  White Earth Wild Rice  Wild Rice
   2pm-6pm  Mama Stoen  Angel Food Cake, Chocolate Cake, Carrot Cake, Banana Bread, and Brownies
 Monday 8/29  9am-1pm  Jamazing!  Jam with crackers and cream cheese
   2pm-6pm  River Hills Harvest  Elderberry Juice and Throat Coat
 Tuesday 8/30    9am-1pm  Buddys Nut Butters  Peanut Butter on Animal Crackers
   2pm-6pm  Thousand Hills Cattle Company  Beef Snack Sticks
 Wednesday 8/31  9am-1pm  Locust Land Vineyards  Balsamic, Verjus-raspberry jelly
   2pm-6pm  Hoch Orchards and Gardens  Apples, Sauces, Vinegar, Cider
 Thursday 9/1  9am-1pm  Fifth Season Cooperative  WI Potato Fusion & Winter Moon
   2pm-6pm  River Hills Harvest Marketers,  LLC  River Hills Harvest Elderberry Juice and Throat Coat
 Friday 9/2  9am-1pm  Taking Stock Foods, LLC  Bone broth, chicken flavored
 Saturday 9/3  9am-1pm  Kays Naturals  Snacks and Cereals
   2pm-6pm  Gustola Granola  Gustola Granola (ready-to-eat, in 4 flavor varieties)
 Monday 9/4  2pm-6pm  Salsa Del Diablo  Chips and Salsa


















2013 Sampling Schedule

2013 DATE



Thursday, August 22

Eichten’s Hidden Acres - Center City, MN

Herb Gouda

Friday, August 23

Gardens of Eagan - Northfield, MN


Saturday, August 24

Gardens of Eagan - Northfield, MN

Cherry/Grape Tomatoes

Sunday, August 25

Morning Star Farm - Cokato, MN

Sunny Road Raw Milk Mild Cheddar

Monday, August 26

Featherstone Farm - Rushford, MN


Tuesday, August 27

Gardens of Eagan - Northfield, MN

Ground Cherries

Wednesday, August 28

Salsa Lisa - St. Paul, MN

Whole Grain Milling - Welcome, MN

Corn Chips & Salsa

Thursday, August 29

Featherstone Farm - Rushford, MN

Sungold Cherry Tomatoes

Friday, August 30

Donnay Dairy - Kimball, MN


Saturday, August 31

Thousand Hills Cattle Co. - Cannon Falls, MN

Acme Organics - Minneapolis, MN

Thousand Hills Hot Dogs with Triple Crown Barbecue Sauce

Sunday, September 1

Cedar Summit Dairy - New Prague, MN

Chocolate Milk

Monday, September 2

Eicthen’s/Burnett Cheese - Center City, MN & Grantsburg, WI

String Cheese

Thousands of thanks to Co-op Partners Warehouse and partciipating farmers/vendors for the generous donation of food and time spent putting together this sampling station together.